Quality Construction FAQ's

Q) What Areas do you provide Construction Services in?

We currently provide construction services in the Rawalpindi/Islamabad area including Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad and all CDA Sectors. Our Partner located in Dubai "SS Construction and Heavy Equipment Rental" can provide complete solutions to your construction needs anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Call Mr. Sadaqat Shah +971-505710078 / +971-564949178 for a quote on your construction needs or Equipment Rental today.

Q) Do you provide Labour Services only or can you provide everything including materials?

We provide both labour and or material services. We also offer turn key solution to your dream home like we have completed projects for most of our other satisfied clients. We select the best quality material for you from our trusted suppliers and the 'Economies of scale" benefits us in acquiring the best available prices in the market. Our systems and procedures in place allow us to minimize the waste and theft of material, increase labour productivity and the savings are passed on over to our clients.

Q) What Type of cement should be used and how should I care for the cement?

New cement is like a very fine powder that is usually available in sealed bags. When the cement bag is opened, it starts absorbing the moisture in the air and with passage of time, the cement starts turning into small fragments due to moisture. As a result, a significant reduction in the strength of the cement occurs. Therefore, once a cement bag is opened, it should be used as soon as possible. In addition, cement must be stored in a dry place to safeguard from rain and other liquids, and one must try to avoid storing it for a long time. If cement is stored for a long period of time, it turns into small solid particles and such product should be avoided to be used in construction. Therefore, special care must be used in handling and selecting the right cement. To find the strength of cement, a number of private, govt. and semi private institutions can test the strength and quality of cement. A standard cement bag is 50 kilograms in Pakistan available in the market from different suppliers.

Q) What type of sand should be used in construction?

Sand that has soil or other elements mixed in it must be avoided, since these elements reduce the strength of the prepared concrete when mixed with sand.

Q) What type of Crush, "Bajri", "Khaka" should be used?

"Bajri" from crush machine should be given priority. The "Bajri" should have both small and medium size stones in it. If the stones in the bajri are all of the same size, the strength of concrete is reduced. The size of "Bajri" for preparing concrete should be less than 3/4 inches. The sand like material received from a crush machine is called "Khaka". If the "Khaka" is clean from soil and other materials, it can be used in concrete for making brick walls. 

Q) What type of water should be used in preparing Concrete?

Water used for the preparation of "Concrete" or "Masala" should be clean to drinking water standards. If dirty water is used for preparing the concrete, it reduces the strength of the "concrete" or 'Masala". 

Q) How do I select the best Bricks for my house construction?

Bricks must always be of high quality and standards. All bricks must be of the same size. They should not be overly cooked or undercooked during preparation. (Compare the preparation of a cake to bricks in an oven, since the same process is used on a bigger scale for bricks and the size of oven is just bigger). The edges of the bricks should be even and not broken or uneven. There are two tests to check the quality and strength of the brick.
   (a) When two bricks are clapped together, they should make a metal like sound.
   (b) Drop the brick from about four feet, if it breaks, the quality is weak, otherwise it passes the test. 

Q) How do I prepare the best Concrete blocks for my construction?

Should one choose to use concrete blocks for walls rather than bricks, the best combination would be one part cement, six parts sand and twelve parts 'bajri". If the ratio of sand or 'bajri" is increased from the above ratio for preparing blocks, the results could be dangerous and the structural integrity is highly compromised.  Based upon the above ratio, if one 50 bag cement is used for preparation of blocks, the water content used in preparation of concrete for the blocks should not be more than 40 kilograms of water. If more water is used, it is dangerous. Cracked, broken and blocks with uneven edges must not be used.  

Q) Which stone should be used if I choose to use stones for my construction?

Square shaped stone from hills and mountains should be used, if one chooses to use them for wall construction. Rounded Stone from rivers and elsewhere can be extremely dangerous during an earthquake.   

Q) How do I select and care for the steel I use for construction?

Rusted, hard steel should be avoided. In Pakistan, mostly 40 grade steel is recommended & used for Residential construction and 60 grade for Commercial. The cost of 60 grade steel is roughly 10% higher. If its a big project, there are several labs in Pakistan that can test the steel quality. Extended and prolonged storage of steel should be avoided at construction site. Special care is needed in steel selection.

Q) What is the best way of preparing "Masala" for construction?

The ratio of cement, water and "khaka" is discussed above. The ingredients needed for the preperation of 'Masala" should be first mixed together without adding water thoroughly and then small amount of water should be added in various proportions with the "masala" ingredients. Since cement is a very fine powder and highly soluble, water should not be added all together to avoid the cement from flowing away with the water. Masala should always be prepared in a clean, hard and even surface to avoid it from mixing with soil and other unwanted particles. Sufficient water should be used in "Masala" preparation so as to make it usable. Adding too much water reduces the strength of "Masala". When cement and sand /"Khaka" is mixed together with water in the right proportion, it is intended to act as a glue for sticking/binding two things together.  As with the case of regular glue (Elfy etc.), if left unused, it becomes hard & unusable, so is the case with "Masala". Once "Masala" is prepared, it should be used within one hour of its preparation, otherwise it becomes useless and wasted. If water is mixed again, such "Masala" can be dangerous during an earthquake. Some people make too much "Masala" at one time and keep using it for hours. The best and acceptable practice is to prepare sufficient "Masala" that can be used within an hour of its preparation. For "Chunai" (laying/stacking bricks) for walls, the ratio of cement should be one part and sand should be six parts. For "Palastar", the ratio for cement should be one part and three parts of sand. Before "Palastar", the "Chunai" (brick walls) should have sufficient "Tarai" (sprinkling water). The absorbed water during "Tarai" by the bricks strengthens the "palastar" masala.   

Q) What is the best way of preparing "Concrete" for construction?

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